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If you are facing criminal charges, it’s imperative that you get professional legal help. We are ready to assist you with your defense!

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What Will A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do For Me?

It’s important to find a no-nonsense attorney with experience, good judgment, and a temperament suited to the task.  Choose your lawyer carefully ; it is of paramount importance that your criminal lawyer is up to the task of a jury trial. Whether your case goes to trial or results in settlement or even dismissal, your attorney’s trial experience will affect the final outcome. 

Prosecutors know which defense attorneys have high-level jury trial experience and demeanor, and it cannot help but guide their decision-making. With nearly 25 years of experience as prosecutors, our lawyers have developed a track record and trial acumen at the highest level, with favorable results in trials of all types, from Arson to First Degree Murder. When Sanford, Schiel, And Britzius take you on as client, you also have unmatched access to your attorney, including his or her personal cell phone number.

Your attorney should attack the case from various angles. For example, they should screen the case for constitutional pitfalls in the Government’s case and seek out possible suppression issues. Very often, in cases involving marijuana or other drug charges, the issue of suppression of evidence is dispositive to the entire case. Your attorney should scour discovery (the government’s evidence) and evaluate the case so that the client can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

All the while, your attorney should be in constant negotiation and communication with the prosecution to see what options may become available. And, of course, your attorney should be ready and willing to spar in the courtroom in front of a jury. This is a rare talent, and indispensable for an attorney practicing criminal law. Without this skill, you are left with little option at the end. Not only will we fight for you in the courtroom, but our previous experience as prosecuting attorneys helps us successfully defend you and your rights.

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